Skinnalicious has been around for a long, long time. We've had ups and downs, hacks and top number of visitors. I have been thinking about this a long time. But now I've come to a decision: August 31 2017 will be the last day skinnalicious will be online. Last couple of years only a few members were visiting us and even less people did upload their artistic creations. To me that means we do not have as much added value as we used to have.. Apart from that, my daily business is consuming more and more time, which resulted in me not even do any artistic work anymore. I'm very grateful to you, our faithful members and visitors. You were the ones that made skinnalicious possible. Special thanks to our anonymous supporter who did a monthly donation to keep skinnalicious online. Regards, Cliff


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Due to the loads of spammer registrations I am forced to disable the possibility to register on skinnalicious.net. still, I want you to enjoy our possibilities in full, so if you want to join, just contact me using the Contact form in the (top) main menu. I can do the registration. Sorry for the inconvenience

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